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The Wynd is a St Andrews based magazine founded in 2020. The goal of this publication is to provide student perspectives on news beyond the bounds of St Andrews. The Wynd also seeks to promote creativity, both within our non-fiction, and through our photography section.

Journalism which is representative of the interests and views of the whole team is central to the ethos of the paper. Beyond this, The Wynd seeks to publish deeply thought out articles. In pursuit of this, we are not afraid of publishing longer-than-conventional pieces, or of allowing our writers to research topics not ordinarily covered in student publications.

Moreover, The Wynd, in its flexibility of focus between sections of the paper, is intent on not adhering to the typical politics-centred model of journalism. Naturally, political issues must be covered, but too often this takes precedence over cultural discussions or the like. Similarly, as a biannual publication, the Wynd is more focussed on overriding trends and movements in politics and culture than it is in day-to-day happenings. This offers our writers far greater scope for exploring issues properly and thoroughly.


Editor in Chief: Samuel Sandor

Deputy Editor: Eirini Vryza


Opinion Editor: Angus Chambers


Culture Editor: Nadia Ash

Illustrations Editor: Rory O'Sullivan

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