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2022 Academy Awards Predictions

'I have no shame in admitting that I think about the Oscars all year found. I drag my girlfriend to an empty cinema to watch a two-hour black and white Shakespeare adaptation, safe in the knowledge we’ll be rooting for a Best Picture underdog approximately 30 people have seen. No smugness this time though, it didn’t even get nominated.'

By Angus Chambers


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Eagle?

By Samuel Sandor


Portrait of a Composer: Thomas Newman

By Beau Thomas


The Ghosts of Grief: A Review of Last Night in Soho

By Samuel Sandor


No Country for Old Men: Review

By Will Rees-Young


Backyard Facades

By Samuel Sandor


Surviving Winter: The Beginning of Spring by Penelope Fitzgerald

By Morven Stewart

Warm Bath Cinema: A Defence of Nomadland

By Samuel Sandor


A Beautiful Night for All the People

By Nicole Egorova

The Wynd Online

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